5 ideas to make your bedroom more elegant

How to make the bedroom elegant and refined with the right bedding

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, an intimate and personal space dedicated to moments of rest and relaxation. This is why it is important to create an environment that is comfortable and welcoming, and that reflects your style and personality. The choice of the bed and other furniture is essential to better organize the space and ensure a healthy and regenerating rest, but also the choice of bed linen and accessories is equally important to furnish the sleeping area. Sheets, bedspreads, quilts but also elegant pillows can help to completely transform the environment and give a personal and refined touch to your room.

Let's see together 5 ideas to make the bedroom elegant and some useful tips to turn it into an oasis of comfort and serenity. Whether you prefer a classic or a more modern style, among Blumarine Home's proposals you will surely find inspiration to better decorate your spaces.

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How to decorate the bedroom: some useful tips

Furnishing the bedroom in the best possible way, carefully choosing furniture and accessories, is essential to create a functional and comfortable space, without forgetting the design and aesthetic performance, that are equally important aspects to create an environment that reflects your tastes and your personality. One of the first elements to consider to furnish the sleeping area is definitely the choice of bed. To ensure a comfortable rest, choose a bed made of quality materials, with a comfortable mattress and a design that suits your style and the atmosphere you would like to create in the bedroom.

If the room is small, you can opt for a storage bed, ideal for optimizing space and storing linen, blankets, clothes or other items you may need in the bedroom.

​​To keep your bedroom well organized and clutter-free, choose practical and functional furniture, such as bedside tables with drawers and a wardrobe with several doors and compartments, to keep your clothes and personal items in order. In general, try to opt for quality furniture with a nice design, classic or modern depending on the characteristics of your room. Instead, avoid overloading the room with too much furniture, choosing essential pieces that fit together well.

Another important aspect to furnish the bedroom is the choice of bed linen, which should be made of soft and breathable fabrics, ideal for any season of the year. Choose colors and patterns that match the rest of the furniture and the colors of the walls and other furnishings to make the environment more cozy and refined.

To complete the furniture and give an extra touch of class to the sleeping area you can add one or more rugs: they will give more warmth and comfort to the environment, completely transforming even the most minimal environments. Depending on your tastes and the characteristics of the environment you can also add additional details and decorations that reflect your personality. Paintings, mirrors, scented candles or plants can make the bedroom more cozy and personal. Choose a style that you like and respect it for the decor of the entire bedroom: you can opt for a classic, modern, boho or shabby chic style, and, depending on your preferences, add bed linen and accessories that best reflect it.

5 ideas to make the bedroom elegant

If you are looking for ideas and solutions to make the bedroom elegant, here are some ideas that can help you create the atmosphere you want and furnish the sleeping area by combining functionality, originality and style:

  1. Choose bedding in neutral shades, such as white, beige, butter or gray. These colors, in fact, stimulate relaxation and will help you create a refined and welcoming environment in your bedroom, both in modern environments and more classic. In addition, they are versatile and easy to match, so you can play with the combinations and always create different solutions to renew the bedroom. Blumarine Home's Profilo Blu sheets are the ideal choice to give a touch of sophistication to the sleeping area. Available in white, butter, wax, heather, silk or crystal, they can be easily combined with bedspreads and pillows of the same color, or with contrasting textures to achieve a more special effect. If you love patterns you can choose Grace or Griffe sheets, decorated with delicate floral patterns in shades of beige or gray.
  2. Prefer bedding made with fine fabrics, such as cotton satin, ideal for adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the sleeping area. Cotton satin is known for its softness, gloss and comfort and can offer numerous advantages over other types of fabrics: thanks to its smooth and silky texture it is able to gently wrap the body, offering an extremely comfortable resting experience and a velvety feeling on the skin. Moreover, thanks to the particular gloss of the fabric, it can give a more refined and sophisticated look to the bedroom. The elegant Grand Hotel cotton satin double sheets are perfect for both classic and modern bedrooms and are available in different colors, neutral or brighter.
  3. Add a plaid or a warm elegant pareo to your bed to create a sophisticated look, this is one of the best ways to add a touch of elegance and comfort to your personal space. You can choose throws in a wide range of styles, designs and colors and carefully select fabrics and patterns to create a unique and personalized look for your bedroom. If you prefer a classic style, opt for a warm pareo in soft, neutral tones like beige, white or gray. If you prefer a more lively and modern style, you can opt for a warm pareo with geometric patterns or bright colors. During the colder seasons, a plaid placed on the bed or armchair will add a touch of warmth and invite you to relax and spend time in a pleasantly comfortable environment.
  4. Use decorative pillows to embellish the bed: you can choose between different colors, fabrics and patterns. The important thing is that they perfectly match the style and design of your room. You can opt for solid color cushions for a minimalist and elegant look, or for cushions with patterns and textures to add a touch of creativity and personality to your space and create more sophisticated combinations. Using decorative pillows you can renew your bedroom whenever you want and get a new look without having to change the entire furniture: you can adapt them to different seasons or follow the latest design trends, always achieving a result of great effect.
  5. Choose matching bedspreads, comforters or duvet covers to complete the look of your bedroom and create a more harmonious and cozy environment. Placed over the bed sheet, bedspreads and comforters will add a layer of warmth and style to your space. By choosing a matching set, you can easily match bedspreads or quilts with sheets, pillows and other complements creating a sophisticated and refined environment for your bed. Also in this case you will have a wide choice of solid bedspreads, such as the Lory or Lory Piquet bedspread decorated with Swarovski crystals, or patterned models, such as the Griffe bedspread or the Sharon bedspread with jacquard designs. In winter you can also choose a warm duvet cover that, in addition to protecting the duvet from dust and stains, will add a touch of personality to your bedroom. Just choose different duvet cover sets to renew the room and get a new look for your bedroom whenever you want.

Elegant bed linen: how to match colors and patterns

The combination of colors and patterns of bed linen is essential to create a cozy and stylistically harmonious environment in the sleeping area. A careful choice of sheets, bedspreads and pillows can transform the appearance of the room, adding elegance and personality. To create the right combinations, first consider the colors of the walls and furnishings and think about the atmosphere you would like to create in the bedroom. Start by creating a relaxing color palette: opt for neutral shades like white, beige, gray or blue. These colors will create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your room, favoring a restful sleep.

If you want to add a touch of color to your bedding, do it through accessories like decorative pillows or plaids, or opt for a contrasting bedspread. Choose complementary colors to your main palette to create a harmonious and eye-catching contrast.

If you want to buy fancy bed linen or sheets, try to do it in a balanced way: if you have chosen a bedspread with bold patterns, for example, opt for simpler plain colored sheets and pillows. On the contrary, if sheets are printed, use a neutral bedspread to achieve a more homogeneous effect and avoid excessive contrasts.

Finally, make sure your choice of colors and patterns harmonize with the rest of the room. Consider the walls, furniture and decorative objects already present, trying to create visual continuity. The goal is to achieve a consistent and eye-pleasing appearance. Unleash your creativity and try different combinations of colors and patterns until you find the one that suits you the most. Remember that bed linen is easily interchangeable, so you can always make changes whenever you want!