Double duvet covers

Double and single duvet covers suitable for every season

The duvet cover is a great classic of bed linen and serves to cover and embellish the padding of the duvet, protecting it and making the environment more cozy and suitable for the style of the bedroom. Double duvet covers and single duvet covers proposed by Blumarine Home are composed of four pieces: a bag, two pillowcases (or one in the single version) and a sheet, which can be with elastic corners or stretched (flat). They are all made with great care and attention to detail: versatile and modern, but also delicate and elegant, they can be decorated with Swarovski® crystals and other precious finishes.

Inside the duvet cover bag can be inserted various types of padding (the interiors are sold separately and not included in the set) with various weights and materials, such as polyester staple and goose down. The bag can also be used only as a bed cover or sheet. This makes it a practical cover for all seasons. Discover all the available items and choose the perfect double duvet covers or single duvet covers for your sleeping area!

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