Frequently asked questions about Blumarine textile furnishings and home furnishing fabrics

In this section you can find a list of all the most frequent questions about textile furnishings and household linen. By consulting our FAQs, in addition to having more details on the various collections of textile furnishings we make, you will find information about the whole world of household linen such as bed sets, bathroom sets, table sets as well as all the various textile accessories that allow you to create elegant and refined environments.

How can I choose the right size for the tablecloth?

The choice of the size of the tablecloth obviously depends on the shape and size of the table . In order not to be mistaken, before purchasing, measure the length, width and height of the table to ...

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What fabric do you recommend for the table sets?

Blumarine tablecloths and table sets are made with top quality fabrics and materials, designed to satisfy any need and embellish any type of table. You can choose between tablecloths and table runn...

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What's a parure?

A parure is a set of sheets that usually includes the top sheet and pillowcases (one for the single or queen-size bed and two for the double bed). In some cases, however, you can find sheets that i...

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What is the difference between duvet cover parure and duvet cover set?

The duvet cover parure are bed sets made up of a duvet cover bag and a pillowcase (or two pillowcases in the double duvet cover sets). The duvet cover sets, on the other hand, generally include a d...

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What is the difference between a sheet set parure and a complete set of sheets?

The sheet set parure are sets consisting of a top sheet and a pillowcase (for single or queen size bed) or two pillowcases for the double sheet set. Unlike the sets, the complete sheets include, in...

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