How can I choose the right size for the tablecloth?

The choice of the size of the tablecloth obviously depends on the shape and size of the table. In order not to be mistaken, before purchasing, measure the length, width and height of the table to also evaluate the fall on the sides (i.e. the portion of the tablecloth that falls from the edge of the table). Generally speaking, for square or rectangular tables, the drop should be at least 30 cm per side, but it can also reach 40 or 45 cm for the most elegant tablecloths.

Blumarine offers a wide selection of tablecloths of different sizes, designed to adapt to any type of table, and luxury tablecloths of the highest quality, elegant, refined and decorated with precious finishes. Among the many Blumarine tablecloths proposals you can find:

  • 180x300 tablecloths
  • 170x270 tablecloths
  • 90x90 tablecloths for square tables

For more information on Blumarine tablecloths or other household linen items, do not hesitate to contact us.