Baptism gift ideas for boys and girls

A short guide to choosing the perfect gift for a baptism

A baptism is a special occasion in the life of a child and his family, an important event when friends and family come together to celebrate and welcome the baby. Choosing the right gift for a baptism, appreciated by both the child and parents, may not be so simple, especially if you do not know the tastes and needs of those who will receive the gift. The gift for a baptism should be a symbolic, original but at the same time useful accessory, that can last over time and remind children of the people who thought of them on this special occasion.

If you've been invited to a baptism and you're undecided about what to give, here are some useful tips to avoid mistakes and a list of 10 original gift ideas for boys and girls.

Baby bed sheet set Lilibet

How to choose baptism gifts

Baptism gifts must be chosen with care, thinking first of all about the needs of the child, but also about the parents. It should be a thoughtful gift, and specifically designed for the child, reflecting his tastes and, possibly, something unique, designed to accompany him, or her, in time or in the first years of life.

The first step to choosing a gift for a baptism is to consider the gender and age of the child. This will help you understand what kind of accessories or items might be most appropriate. For example, if your baby is a newborn, you might opt for a more practical gift such as a cotton bib or a soft terry towel to make the baby's bathing even more enjoyable. If the child is older, you can choose a sheet set for the baby bed or a toy instead. In addition to these aspects, it is also important to:

  • choose a significant but at the same time useful gift, something that the child can use in the first months or years of life (or even longer) and that reminds him, or her, of this special day;
  • think about comfort and functionality: to choose the most suitable gift, think first of all about what objects or accessories could be used for the child or his family. Try to buy well-made products, which are aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time practical and functional, suitable for children's needs;
  • always evaluate the quality of the materials and products chosen, especially if you decide to buy sets of sheets, towels, bibs, clothing or other textile items that will come into direct contact with the skin of children. In general, the safest linen and accessories for children are those made with natural fibers, such as cotton, which are soft and delicate even on the most sensitive skin, avoiding possible skin irritations;
  • consider the available budget: there are many gift options available at various price ranges, from bib sets to towels, up to covers, sheets or bedspreads for the most important gifts. Evaluate which products are most suitable according to your budget and the type of relationship that binds you to the child and his family.

What to give for a baptism: 10 gift ideas by Blumarine

In the Blumarine Baby line you can find many original gift ideas for a baptism, designed for both boys and girls: duvet covers, baby cradle sheet sets, but also baby bed sheet sets and accessories such as bathrobes, bibs and terry towels. All products are made with safe and high quality materials and fabrics, designed to ensure maximum comfort and softness in contact with the skin of children. Here are 10 perfect gift ideas for a baptism:

  1. Battesimo bib in 100% cotton satin and jacquard with Blumarine logo in Swarovski crystals and a plain cotton satin. Elegant and refined, it is the ideal gift for girls. For a boy you can choose instead the light blue Bianconiglio bib, made of printed percale and honeycomb with Blumarine logo in crystals;
  2. Mongolfiera towel, a double face clinical towel with front side in printed cotton and Blumarine logo in crystals, back side in terry cloth solid color and flounce in needlecord piquet printed curled on all sides.. For an even more special gift, it can be paired with the coordinated Mongolfiera triangle (pink or denim);
  3. Marina baby triangle, available in powder blue and beige, perfect to make the moment of bathing more pleasant and fun. Made of 100% cotton, it is made with a comfortable profiled hood with bias and Blumarine logo in crystals;
  4. Bianconiglio blanket, the perfect gift for baby baptism to impress with a refined, but at the same time useful and versatile gift. Available in pink, light blue or gray, with cute jacquard bunnies and Blumarine logo in crystals, it is perfect for the crib or for the pram, both for boys and girls;
  5. Coralli changing towel, a gift that will surely be appreciated by children, but also by mothers. Made of printed cotton percale with Blumarine logo in Swarovski crystals, it is available in the lake and ivory variants, and has an inner side in plain terry cloth and polyester padding;
  6. Marina bib set, in powder, light blue or blue, made of terry cloth with printed bands and Blumarine monogram in Swarovski crystals. Simple and elegant, embellished with striped patterns and crystal details, they are ideal for everyday use, but also for the most important occasions;
  7. Eloise blanket in soft wool, comfortable in contact with the skin, which can be used both for the crib and for the pram depending on needs. It is distinguished by the design in embossed jacquard and Blumarine logo in crystals and is available in different colors: pink, blue, white, emerald and silver;
  8. Coccole baby cradle sheet set, a complete sheet set made by a printed top sheet, decorated with crystal logo, a printed pillowcase and a bottom sheet in plain cotton percale. It has a refined pied de poule print on cotton percale in pastel colors (beige, pink or blue) and a Blumarine logo in crystals;
  9. Lilibet baby bed sheet set with a printed top sheet with Blumarine logo in crystals, a printed pillowcase and bottom sheets fitted in plain cotton percale. The delicate floral pattern in pink or blue makes this set the perfect gift idea to make the children's bedroom more cozy and elegant;
  10. Mongolfiera baby bed sheet set with a nice pattern with colorful balloons that will surely be appreciated to both boys and girls. The set is made of 100% cotton and it is composed of three pieces: a printed top sheet with crystal logo, a printed pillowcase and a bottom sheet in plain cotton percale.
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