How to set a beautiful Easter table: Blumarine Home's proposals

Ideas to set the Easter table in an elegant way and impress your guests

Easter is one of the most important celebrations of the year, a special moment to share with family or friends. But how to make this occasion even more memorable? In addition to the choice of menu, the setting of the table for Easter lunch is definitely a fundamental aspect to impress your guests and create a welcoming and festive atmosphere. This moment, full of tradition and meaning, offers the opportunity to create an elegant and refined environment, which recalls the colors and patterns of the spring season. Every detail, from tablecloth to runners, to the choice of napkins and centerpieces, can help to completely transform the atmosphere and decor of the house, transmitting joy and creating an environment that will enchant your guests and make the Easter party truly unforgettable.

Here are some ideas on how to set a beautiful Easter table and make it really unique with the proposals of Blumarine Home kitchen linens.

Pasqua tablecloth

Easter table decor: the choice of the tablecloth

The choice of the Easter tablecloth is a very important aspect to define the atmosphere and create an elegant and welcoming environment for your guests. An high quality elegant tablecloth, with floral or Easter motifs, can in fact completely transform the appearance of the environment.

To choose the most suitable tablecloth for the occasion you will need to consider, first of all, the type of fabric with which it is made: in general, linen or cotton are the best materials because they are soft, pleasant to the touch and at the same time resistant, ideal to create a particularly elegant and refined atmosphere.

The size of the tablecloth is an equally important aspect: typically, the drop of the tablecloth over the edge of the table should be about 30-40 cm. Before proceeding to purchase, check that the tablecloth fits the size of the table, that it is large enough to cover it completely and that the hem drops evenly on all sides, without touching the ground or hindering the sitting of the guests. Remember that, in general, the mise en place should always be contextualized to enhance the environment and create visual harmony. Not only the type of fabric, but also the texture and colors of the tablecloth must be carefully selected, considering the context in which it will be used, the type of dishes and the style of the other decorative elements.

To set the Easter table it is also important to give space to spring colors and patterns, if they are used with balance and consistency. A colorful tablecloth can be just as elegant as a white one, so you can play with pastel or bright shades, and patterns, always taking care to maintain harmony with the rest of the environment and table accessories. In general, it is always advisable to match the colors of the tablecloth to those of plates, glasses and centerpieces, to create a harmonious and coordinated visual effect.

Napkins should also be chosen according to the tablecloth, although not necessarily of the same color and fabric. Depending on your taste and the effect you want to achieve you can opt for a contrasting color, or match the napkins to the edge of the tablecloth, or coordinate them with glasses or the centerpiece. You can play freely with the colors of tablecloth and napkins, creating unique and personalized combinations that add a touch of style to the Easter table.

Easter table runner to embellish your table

In addition to the tablecloth, the use of Easter table runners can add an additional touch of elegance to the table. Also in this case, to choose the most suitable table runner you will need to pay attention to the materials and design, which should best match the fabric and the style of the tablecloth. Choosing light and springy materials like linen or cotton can add a fresh and light atmosphere to the table, while runners with Easter or floral patterns in pastel colors can add a touch of color and personality. Whether you choose a plain or patterned runner, make sure it matches the other elements of the table, such as plates, glasses and napkins.

To create a coordinated and well-balanced look you can choose to match the color or pattern of the runner to those of the dishes or napkins, or opt for runners with contrasting colors to achieve a more special effect. You can also play with color combinations and patterns, alternating plain runners with others decorated to add variety to the table. To further enrich the mise en place you can add floral centerpieces or Easter decorations such as painted eggs or bunnies, thus creating a festive and joyful atmosphere that will make your Easter table even more special.

Blumarine Home proposals for your Easter table

In the Blumarine Home kitchen linens line you can find many proposals to decorate the Easter table and create an elegant and refined atmosphere or more creative and informal, depending on the style you want to give to your Easter table. If you prefer a more classic and elegant style, you can choose to decorate the table with a white tablecloth embellished with small embroidered details, such as the Ricamo tablecloth, decorated with openwork embroidery placed in the shape of a flower and finished with the embroidered Blumarine logo. To achieve a particularly refined effect, you can combine matching napkins and enrich the table with white or contrasting porcelain dishes and crystal glasses, adding floral decorations or a vase of fresh seasonal flowers as a centerpiece. If you prefer, you can also opt for table covers or runners of the same line, perfect for setting the table quickly and easily during lunches on the terrace or in the garden.

To get a more sophisticated effect and give a touch of color to the table you can prefer tablecloths with floral motifs in typical spring colors, such as the Liala tablecloth, made of fine linen and embellished with printed pattern and Blumarine logo in the weft, or the Arianna tablecloth, decorated with pastel flowers and finished with hemstitch, perfect to add a touch of sophistication and romance to the table. Both can be combined with neutral or coordinated runners, or centerpieces with fresh flowers for a classic and timeless look, which will surely amaze your guests.

If you want to create a more festive and cheerful atmosphere the Pasqua tablecloth is the ideal choice. Characterized by a lively Easter theme, with peach flowers and painted eggs, it transmits joy and liveliness to the table, giving it an elegant and refined effect. The tablecloth matches perfectly with colorful napkins and decorative Easter accessories, such as centerpieces with flowers and colored eggs, to create a creative and festive table, perfect for welcoming family and friends during Easter.

If you prefer a more modern and informal style, you can opt for tablecloths with more particular patterns, such as the Felce tablecloth in linen blend, which features an original fern leaf pattern in shades of white and powder. This tablecloth can be combined with napkins in neutral shades and centerpieces with natural elements such as fresh flowers or olive branches, creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere perfect for a shabby chic or country chic table. You can also complete the table with runners of the same line or in neutral shades, adding white, pink or cream dishes and pastel glasses centerpiece for an elegant and timeless effect, perfect for creating a more refined atmosphere.

Discover all the products available and choose the perfect accessories to give a touch of elegance and style to your Easter table!