How to put on a duvet cover in few easy steps

Practical guide to putting on the duvet cover quickly and easily

The duvet cover is an indispensable accessory for the bedroom, not only to protect the duvet, but also to ensure a warm and comfortable sleep in the colder months of the year, and help improve the aesthetic appearance and overall comfort of the sleeping area.

Its primary function, in fact, is to preserve the duvet from stains, dirt, dust and other external agents that could compromise its quality and durability. But the duvet cover also allows you to keep the bed neat, adding a touch of style and allowing you to often renew the appearance of the bedroom thanks to the wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics available. In addition, it is a practical and versatile element: in the middle seasons it can also be used as a light bedspread, giving the sleeping area a more refined and elegant look.

While representing an essential element for the decoration and comfort of the bed, putting it correctly can be a task that is not always simple. In this article we will explain how to put on a duvet cover in a few simple steps, providing you with a detailed guide and all the useful tips to better decorate your sleeping area.

Annabella double bed duvet cover

How to choose the duvet cover: some useful tips

Before buying a duvet cover it is important to consider several aspects to ensure a flawless result. First of all, choosing the right duvet cover is crucial: make sure that the size is suitable for your duvet and bed and opt for a slightly larger duvet cover than the duvet itself, so as to facilitate insertion and ensure that the bed is well covered. Typically, to perfectly cover the duvet the size of a standard double duvet cover should be at least 250x220 cm, while the size of a single duvet cover 155x200 cm. Duvet covers for a double bed should measure 200x200 cm instead.

In order not to make a mistake, before purchasing it is always advisable to carefully check the specifications of each product and make sure that it adapts to the precise size of your bed and your duvet.

Paying attention to the materials with which the duvet cover is made is important to ensure not only optimal comfort, but also ease of maintenance and cleaning over time. Choose a duvet cover made with high quality fabrics that are soft to the touch and breathable, designed to ensure a comfortable and restorative sleep. Materials such as cotton satin or percale are the ideal choice for duvet covers, because they are delicate on the skin but at the same time resistant, easy to wash and maintain over time. Also choosing the style and design of the duvet cover according to the decor of the bedroom is crucial to create a coherent and aesthetically pleasing environment. Evaluate the different options available and opt for a duvet cover that reflects your tastes and that completes the overall look of the bedroom, enhancing the environment and the furnishings.

How to put duvet into cover

Inserting the duvet into cover may seem a complex procedure. Actually you can just follow a few tips and simple steps to make this task easier and faster. Here's how to proceed:

  1. spread the duvet on the bed, covering the entire surface and extending the corners well;
  2. lay the duvet cover on the duvet, paying attention to place it correctly and with the opening from the right side (generally towards the bottom of the bed);
  3. insert a corner of the duvet into the corresponding corner of the duvet cover. Start by placing the top right corner of the duvet inside the top right corner of the duvet cover, and repeat the same process for all four corners. Obviously this operation will be easier if the opening of the duvet cover is integral.

This is the classic and best-known method of inserting the duvet into the duvet cover, but there is also another, equally effective, procedure called "the California roll way" (or "burrito"). To do this properly you will need to follow these steps:

  1. start by turning the duvet cover inside out and spread it on the bed without wrinkles, with the opening facing you and the feet of the bed;
  2. place the duvet over the duvet cover, aligning the corners well and removing any wrinkles;
  3. begin to roll the two products together, starting from the top (the one towards the headboard of the bed), ensuring that the duvet and duvet cover are always well aligned;
  4. after having rolled them up, fold the two ends inside the opening and tuck the duvet inside (remember that the duvet cover is inside reverse);
  5. roll it out slowly, flattening the folds and making sure the duvet is completely covered by the duvet cover.

To facilitate this, you can use clothespins to join the corners of the duvet and duvet cover and prevent them from misaligning during the process. You can also spread the duvet cover over the bed, immediately insert the duvet until the corners fit, staple them with clothespins and then unroll the duvet into the duvet cover. This will not only make it easier to insert the duvet into the duvet cover, but also make cleaning easier. Always using the roll method in reverse, you can in fact easily remove the duvet from the duvet cover to make it take air and prevent the accumulation of dust or the proliferation of mites. In general, it is advisable to regularly ventilate the duvet, making it breathe on the balcony or window at least once every ten days.

Changing the duvet cover to renew the bedroom

Periodically changing the duvet cover can be the ideal choice to renew the bedroom and give a touch of elegance and extra personality to the environment. Changing the duvet cover allows you to express your own style, adapting the bedroom to different seasons or types of furniture. Generally, duvet covers in solid color or with patterns in neutral colors, such as white, beige or light gray, are ideal for classic bedrooms, especially if they are combined with delicate patterns such as thin stripes or floral details. This color palette will allow you to create an elegant and refined atmosphere, perfect for classic or minimal bedrooms. For the most modern spaces, you can opt instead for duvet covers with bright colors such as blue, green or yellow, combined with more decisive, geometric or abstract patterns, which reflect a more contemporary and bold style.

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