Wedding gifts: ideas and inspiration to impress the newlyweds

Discover all the proposals and wedding gift ideas by Blumarine Home!

The wedding is one of the most important moments in the life of a couple, a special occasion to celebrate and share with friends and family. And what's better than showing your affection and happiness to newlyweds with original and useful gifts? Bedding and bath linens can be the ideal choice to give to the newlyweds because they combine comfort, style and practicality, ensuring that the couple has everything they need to start the new life together. Sheet sets, bedspreads, blankets, towels, but also tablecloths or other home textile furniture: the choice is very wide and you can buy the items you prefer according to your preferences and your budget.

To make a really useful and welcome gift you will have to select textile products made with high quality fabrics and materials, which not only reflect the personal tastes of the bride and groom, but can also add a touch of class and sophistication to their new home. Among the different proposals of household linen by Blumarine Home you can find many gift ideas for a wedding: textile items with an elegant design, made with fine materials, such as satin or cotton, and embellished with exclusive details and patterns, perfect to furnish the house with style and make the rooms more comfortable and welcoming.

To help you choose, here are some wedding gift ideas by Blumarine Home, ideal to impress the newlyweds and make the wedding day even more unforgettable.

Isabella washcloths set

What to give as a wedding gift: sheet sets and bed linen

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a wedding, bed linen is a classic and always appreciated option. Sheet sets and bed linens are in fact original but at the same time useful gift ideas, which can give a touch of luxury and comfort to the home of newlyweds, helping to create a cozy and relaxing environment for their new life together.

When made with high quality materials, the sheets can guarantee not only a comfortable sleep, but also an overall feeling of well-being in the bedroom. Sheet sets with soft and breathable fabrics, such as satin or percale cotton are the best choice because, in addition to ensuring freshness and comfort in any season, they are also elegant and pleasant to the touch.

In addition to the practical and functional aspect, wedding bed sheets also allow you to furnish the sleeping area in a unique and personal way and to transform the environments according to needs thanks to a wide range of colors, patterns and textures available. If you do not know the tastes of the bride and groom and the style of their room, you can opt for matching wedding bed sheets in solid color, such as the Profilo Blu sheet set in soft cotton satin, with an essential but refined design, perfect to furnish any environment, from the more classical to the more modern ones. The contrasting profile adds a touch of elegance and style, creating a beautiful visual effect that further embellishes the bed. The top sheet with a colored profile inserted on the flounce and the embroidered Blumarine logo make the set even more refined, creating an atmosphere of elegance and style in the bedroom.

If you want to pay homage to the newlyweds with a really important and special gift, you can choose instead the Blu Notte sheet set with croquette border and Blumarine logo in Swarovski crystals on the top sheet and pillowcases, perfect as a complete bridal bed set.

Wedding bedspreads: a touch of elegance for the new home

A bedspread can be another perfect gift idea for a wedding because it is useful, but at the same time elegant. In addition to covering the bed and providing an additional layer in the middle or cold months, the bedspread is also an indispensable decorative element to complete the decor of the room and create a cozy and refined atmosphere. Also in this case, be sure to choose products made with high quality materials, which are soft and delicate in contact with the skin, but also have a good aesthetic performance. As for the design of the bedspread, you can choose according to your personal preferences and the style of the bridal bedroom.

​​For a classic bedroom, solid color bedspreads in neutral tones or with floral patterns are definitely the best option. Colors such as white, cream or light gray can add a touch of sophistication and brightness to the environment, while lace or jacquard details are perfect for decorating the bedroom with a timeless style. The all-over printed cotton percale Liala bedspread offers a mix of elegance, comfort and style that makes it a perfect complement to the bridal bedroom. The delicate floral pattern adds a touch of sophistication and personality to the bedspread, while the quilting gives extra texture and softness to the fabric, ensuring additional warmth and comfort during cold winter nights. Available in three colors (powder pink, honey or wisteria) it is also easy to match with other furnishing accessories, allowing you to customize the bedroom according to your tastes and preferences.

If the bridal room is furnished with a more modern style, you can prefer instead patterned bedspreads with geometric or abstract patterns, which add a touch of dynamism and personality to the room, creating a contemporary and captivating environment. The Crystelle bedspread, for example, fits perfectly into the most modern rooms. The jacquard weave gives the fabric a rich and luxurious texture, creating a visual effect of depth and refinement, while the original sepia wave pattern and the Blumarine logo in Swarovski crystals give the bedspread a more elegant and refined look.

Bathroom towel set: a practical and original gift idea

Bathroom towel sets can be original wedding gifts, essential in the daily routine of personal hygiene, but also perfect for adding a touch of style and refinement to the bathroom. A bath towel set can be composed of different types of washcloths, such as face, hand and body towels, each designed for a specific purpose. You can opt for a coordinated towel set in assorted colors or in a single shade, according to the personal taste of the bride and groom and the style of their home. Solid color bathroom towels in neutral shades, such as the Promessa washcloths set, are a practical and versatile gift idea, suitable for any type of bathroom and home, whether it is a modern and minimalist space or a more traditional and classic style. The washcloths can be combined with the Promessa towel set, consisting of a towel and a bath towel with embroidered Blumarine logo, to create a complete and coordinated set.

The Isabella washcloths set with lace butterflies on macramé lace is also a decorative complement of great visual impact, perfect for the bridal bath. The washcloths are made of high quality cotton, which guarantees optimal absorption and extreme softness on the skin, offering a feeling of comfort during daily use. The embossed macramé lace and embroidered butterflies give the set a timeless elegance, while the embroidered Blumarine logo adds a touch of exclusivity. Isabella washcloths can be combined with the matching Isabella towel set consisting of 2 or 5 pieces to complete the bathroom decor and surprise the bride and groom with a more personal and exclusive gift.