Useful tips for choosing the best bed sheets for your child

Guide to buying the perfect sheet set for children and newborn

Sheets are one of the indispensable elements in the bedroom, useful not only to ensure a comfortable rest, but also to protect the mattress and furnish the room. Children's bed sheet sets, in particular, must be carefully chosen to best meet the needs of children and ensure a sleep that is as safe, healthy and peaceful as possible. Before proceeding with the purchase of sheets for your child you will then have to evaluate several aspects, first of all the quality of the material, which should be soft and breathable, to avoid possible irritation or redness on the skin.

Choosing the right sheet set is important to create a comfortable and safe environment for your child while sleeping. So let's see together all the factors to consider before buying it and some useful tips to help you choose the right bed sheets for your child.

Coccole cradle sheets

How to choose children's bed sheets: the aspects to consider

Sleep is very important for health, especially in the first years of a child's life. A healthy and quiet night's rest ensures proper development, improves mood and contributes to the well-being of children during the day. This is why it is important to carefully choose the most suitable bed linen and sheets, according to the specific needs of each child. To buy the perfect sheets for your child, you must first evaluate:

  • materials: children's bed sheets can be made with various materials but the most suitable ones are light and breathable such as cotton and linen. Cotton (or cotton percale) is the best choice because it is soft and allows the skin to breathe, ensuring children a healthy and dry rest at any time of the year. In addition, it is easy to wash and is a hygienic and safe material;
  • bed linen size: baby sheets are available in different sizes, depending on the size of your baby's bed or crib. Make sure that you choose the right sheets for your baby, so that they stick well to the mattress without creating folds that could be dangerous or make rest less comfortable;
  • patterns and colors, which should adapt to the style and colors of the bedroom, the bed and other items of furniture. You can choose from a wide range of designs and colors, both for boys and girls, also according to your preferences or the theme of your baby's room. In any case, if you decide to opt for colored sheets for children, make sure that the fabrics are not made with harmful dyes or substances;
  • safety and hygiene: to ensure the safety of your child try to choose sheets that fit perfectly to the mattress and avoid sheets with cords or decorations that could pose a choking risk or irritate your baby's skin. Baby sheets should be hygienic and clean, so choose baby bed sheets set that can be easily washed and dried and that do not shrink or deform after washing;
  • breathability and comfort: children's sheets should be breathable to ensure a cool and dry rest, especially in the warmer months. Choose sheets made of soft and comfortable materials to allow your child to sleep comfortably.

Baby bed linen: types and sizes

If your baby is just born, to choose the most suitable sheets for the crib or bed you will need to know the different types and sizes available. This way you can find the right sheets for your baby and ensure a safe and comfortable sleep. Baby sheets can have different sizes depending on the size of the bed and mattress. The most common sizes are:

  • crib sheets, suitable for crib mattresses, which generally have standard sizes between 80 and 90 cm in length and 45 - 50 cm in width. In this case you can choose a top sheet 90x120 cm and a bottom sheet 50x83 cm;
  • baby bed sheets, ideal for bed mattresses, which have a standard size of 70 x 140 cm. Bed sheets should therefore measure at least 120x180 cm for the top sheet and 70x140 cm for the bottom bed sheet. For the pillowcase you can opt for a standard size of 40x40 cm.

Once you have identified the correct size, you can choose the baby sheets you prefer, also according to your tastes and the characteristics of your child's room. If you love neutral tones and pastel shades you can choose, for example, plain colored sheets such as Baby Corredino cradle sheets, available in four colors (powder, white, aurora or pearl) or with a delicate pied de poule pattern, such as the Coccole cradle sheets embellished with the Swarovski crystal logo. If you prefer colorful sheets in brighter tones, you can opt for patterned sheets such as the Mongolfieracrib sheets, perfect for both boys and girls and decorated with a nice print on cotton percale.

Bed sheets: the best models for boys and girls

If your baby is older, you can also choose sheets based on his preferences and the colors and patterns he loves most. First of all, look for sheets that fit well into your child's bedroom, that enhance the room and the environment, making it more welcoming.

If your child's room does not have a specific theme, you can choose sheets with colors and patterns that fit the colors of the room and other decor items. For example, if the room has neutral colors or furniture in shades of light blue or blue, you can choose sheets with designs or shades of this color. The bed sheets Baby Marina with a blue striped pattern and Blumarine logo in Swarovski crystals are perfect for decorating children's bedrooms.

For girls you can choose instead sheets with more delicate colors and patterns such as butterflies or flowers, for example the bed sheets Lilibet with a delicate pink floral pattern.

Also remember to choose sheets that fit the season. In winter and autumn you can opt for sets of sheets with darker colors and patterns, while in summer you can prefer models with fresh and brighter colors.