Tips and ideas to decorate your bathroom

All the tips to decorate your bathroom with style and make it really unique

The bathroom is one of the fundamental rooms of the house, an environment dedicated to self-care that requires particular attention in the choice of furniture. Not only must it be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and in line with the style of your home. To create an atmosphere that reflects your personality and makes you and your guests feel comfortable, you will have to carefully choose the furniture, but also the accessories and towel sets, which are equally important to give a personal and more elegant touch to the environment.

Let's see together some tips and ideas to decorate your bathroom with style, from the choice of furniture to solutions to make the most of the available space, up to the choice of bathroom linen and towel sets that best suits your needs.

Towel set SPA

5 tips to decorate the bathroom with style

The bathroom is the room of the house where you can take care of yourself and relax at the end of the day with a nice warm bath or a regenerating shower. To ensure maximum comfort to you, your family or any guests, it must be furnished in a comfortable, practical and functional way. To do this, it is important to organize the spaces and choose the most suitable furniture according to the size and specific characteristics of the bathroom, but also the style with which the other rooms of the house are furnished and the atmosphere you would like to recreate. Here are 5 aspects to consider in order to decorate it:

  1. ​​the choice of furniture and bathroom fixtures, which should fit your needs and reflect your style. Whether your bathroom is classic or modern, make sure you choose good quality, practical and durable furniture. If you have a large enough space you can consider the addition of cabinets and shelves, useful for storing all the necessary items, or other furnishing accessories that can give the environment an extra touch. Again, the choice depends on the style of the bathroom and the needs of those who will use it. The mirror is another essential element of the bathroom. In addition to its main function, it can be a design element that gives personality to the room. There are mirror models of every shape and size, from the most classic shapes to the most innovative solutions. Choose a model that ensures functionality and at the same time a good aesthetic performance.
  2. Lighting, a fundamental element to create the right atmosphere. It is important to choose the most suitable lamps according to the style of the bathroom and the arrangement of the furniture and the various elements of the environment. The light should be spread evenly, avoiding excessive shadows.
  3. The color of the walls and furniture is another important aspect to decorate your bathroom with style and create a relaxing atmosphere. Light and neutral colors are always a winning choice, but you can also use brighter colors to give more personality to the room. In any case, make sure you maintain a certain chromatic consistency between the different elements.
  4. The choice of accessories that can help to complete the decor of the bathroom with style. They can be chosen according to the design of the furniture and the needs of the inhabitants of the house. To make your bathroom more practical and functional, you can add towel racks: there are models of every shape and size, from the most classic to the most modern and innovative. Containers or boxes placed on the wall or on a piece of furniture can also be useful to make the bathroom more functional and store the various products used in the bathroom, such as soaps, shampoos and creams. Other important furnishing accessories to furnish the room with style are bath rugs: you can choose between different models and colors according to the design of the furniture and the color palette of the walls.
  5. Bath linen, which must be chosen carefully to make the environment cozy and pleasant, for you or for your guests. To give a touch of style and elegance to your bathroom you will need to choose high quality towel sets, which are soft and delicate in contact with the skin. You can choose a set composed of medium-sized face towels, smaller towels and a bath towel, or a towel set with a matching bathrobe. You can buy sets of different colors, plain or patterned, to renew your bathroom every season and always have a spare for any guests.

How to choose the best towels to decorate bathroom

The choice of sanitary ware and furnishings is important to decorate the bathroom, but also the choice of materials and colors of towel sets, which should fit harmoniously into the environment and enhance the style of the room. Elegant towels, made with high quality yarns and materials, will make the bathroom more refined. To choose the best towels for your bathroom you will first have to consider the style of the environment:

  • to decorate a classic bathroom you can choose plain towels in soft and delicate colors, such as the cream color Promessa towel set, or the SPA towel set or towels embellished with applications and embroidery, such as the Due Lune towel set with wave pattern and embroidered Blumarine logo or the Seyla set with inlay-stitched tulle lace (available in white and blush colors);
  • to decorate a modern bathroom you can play more with contrasts and choose towels with bright colors, such as the Ariette terry towel set in paprika and raspberry colors, or a model with more special patterns, such as the Dakota towel set with the matching patterned bathrobe.

In general, the best bath towels are those made of cotton terry, among the most recommended to dry the body because they are particularly soft on the skin and have a high absorbency. All Blumarine towel sets and bathrobes are made of high quality cotton fabrics, designed to perfectly dry the body and leave a pleasant feeling of softness, comfort and well-being on the skin. Depending on your needs and the characteristics of your bathroom you can choose between more modern or elegant models, available with different weights (from 400 to 580 g/ sqm) and colors variations.

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