Christmas table setting: how to impress your guests

Tips and ideas to set the table in an original and elegant way for Christmas

Setting the table for Christmas is not only a tradition, but an essential aspect to create the right atmosphere and welcome guests. During the holidays every detail takes on a special meaning: the choice of the tablecloth, the combination of colors and fabrics, the arrangement of the dishes and the use of decorations and centerpieces, are all elements that, if chosen and combined with taste, can create a refined effect. The goal is to impress guests not only with the menu, but also with an environment that invites sharing, transmitting the warmth and magic of Christmas.

Blumarine Home textile furnishing proposals are designed to decorate the table with elegance, during the Christmas holidays or on other special occasions, and to furnish the different rooms of the house in a unique and welcoming way. You can choose between tablecloths, runners and table accessories that stand out for their refined textures, fine fabrics and delicate patterns, that immediately catch the eye and warm the atmosphere.

If you are planning to organize lunches and dinners for the upcoming holidays and are looking for ideas to set the table with taste, here are some tips and proposals by Blumarine Home to impress your guests.

Buon Natale tablecloth 170x270

How to choose the right tablecloth

Choosing the right tablecloth to set the table for Christmas or other special occasions is crucial to define the atmosphere and welcome guests. The tablecloth is not only a functional element, but a real piece of furniture, which can help to completely transform the appearance of the kitchen or dining room.

To choose the most suitable tablecloth you will need to consider, first of all, the quality of materials: natural fabrics such as linen or cotton are the most suitable because they are durable, easily washable and can add a touch of elegance and refinement to the table.

The choice of colors and patterns of the tablecloth will depend on the style of the table and other furnishing elements, the color palette used for the decoration and the atmosphere you want to create. For Christmas you can choose elegant tablecloths in warm and bright shades such as red, green or gold, which can create a lively and welcoming atmosphere, but even those with neutral or pastel colors can be the ideal choice for more elegant or formal lunches or dinners. Patterns can range from simple prints or embroidery to more elaborate patterns, depending on the desired style. Details such as applications, lace or precious finishes can definitely add a touch of uniqueness and personality to the table.

Other important aspects to consider are the size and shape of the tablecloth, which should fit perfectly to those of the table and fall elegantly on the sides. Before buying the tablecloth, accurately measure the length and width of the table. Keep in mind that the general rule is that the tablecloth falls from the sides of the table for about 20-30 centimeters.

It is also important to consider the number of guests: if you have many guests, choose a large tablecloth, which will allow you to have more space available to arrange dishes and decorations, offering enough space for a comfortable experience at the table.

In the case of tables with particular shapes, such as oval or round, the measurement will require special attention and you will need to ensure that the tablecloth evenly covers the entire surface.

Elegant Christmas tablecloths: the perfect choice to decorate the table

Elegant Christmas tablecloths are the ideal choice to give a touch of color and refinement to the table during holidays, making it a focal point within the environment. Depending on your tastes and the characteristics of your home, you can choose tablecloths with bright prints, such as the Buon Natale tablecloth, which immediately evokes the festive atmosphere, or tablecloths with Christmas and floral motifs in the most delicate tones, such as the Jingle Bells tablecloth. Finishes with golden details or classic Christmas motifs, such as stars, snowflakes or decorations, will give your table an even more precious and refined look.

For a harmonious match, you can also choose table runners and matching napkins, or decorate the table with a tablecloth in solid color combined with fantasy runners in contrasting colors. The Buon Augurio runner or the Jingle Bells runner by Blumarine Home with Christmas prints are perfect to create elegant compositions and give a touch of color to even the most minimal tables.

To complete the table you can also add creative centerpieces, such as garlands, floral arrangements with red berries, candles of various heights and small bright decorations, ideal for creating an even warmer and inviting atmosphere. You can also enrich the table with elegant doilies that reflect the color of the tablecloth, such as the Jasmine doily set or the Crystelle doily set in jacquard fabric with Blumarine logo in Swarovski crystals.

You will also have to carefully choose dishes: plates with golden edges or Christmas decorations and crystal glasses are perfect to enhance the table and complete the environment with elegance. For a final touch, you can fold napkins to create Christmas shapes or embellish them with original napkin rings or decorative rings.

If you want to create a complete set, you can choose to match the tablecloth with coordinated tea towels, such as the Jingle Bells tea towel or the Buon Natale tea towel with printed pattern, ideal to give a Christmas touch to the kitchen, but also perfect as gift ideas.

Embroidered Christmas tablecloths to create a refined atmosphere

Embroidered Christmas tablecloths are also ideal for making the holiday table unique. You can choose plain tablecloths with tone-on-tone embroidered details, or gold or silver tones for a more sophisticated effect. The Duchessa tablecloth, for example, is perfect for decorating the table in a particularly elegant way. It is distinguished by the embroidered band in sangallo, which embellishes the edges giving it a classic and contemporary look, and the embroidered Blumarine logo, a precious detail that makes it even more refined. To set the table in a truly unique way, you can also opt for a tablecloth with organza inserts, such as the Cerimonia table cover, perfect for parties, but also to be used on other important occasions, or the Contessa tablecloth finished with entre-deux.

To make the table more sophisticated, you can choose to combine plain napkins with embroidered details that reflect the theme of the tablecloth, or add matching runners, in the same color or with contrasting shades to achieve a more modern and original effect. You can also create flower arrangements with berries and spruce branches, or place candles on a decorative tray as a centerpiece to make the environment warmer and more welcoming. Choose with care dishes and glasses, preferring simple but elegant dishes and crystal glasses that highlight the details of the tablecloth, making it the undisputed star of the Christmas table.