Beach towels: the best models to take with you on holiday

A complete guide to choose the best beach towels for your summer vacation

Beach towels are must-have accessories of the summer, indispensable for beach holidays, but also for the pool and for moments of relaxation in the open air. Each beach towel has unique features, which make it more or less suitable for different needs. Whether you prefer a light and practical towel to take with you on holiday or a larger beach towel to lie on the sun bed in the pool or the sea, it is essential to know what features to look for. Strength, absorption capacity, drying time and ease of washing are just some of the factors to consider when choosing the perfect beach towel.

Let's see together some useful tips to find the beach towel that best suits your needs and the best models by Blumarine Home to make the most of your next holiday.

Liguria beach towel

How to choose the perfect beach towel

Choosing the beach towel that best suits your needs requires attention to several factors, each of which can affect the overall quality of the product. To find the right beach towel you will need to consider first:

  • the type of fabric, fundamental because it determines the softness, the speed of drying and the resistance of the towel. Microfiber or lightweight cotton towels are highly valued for their lightness, softness and ability to dry quickly, so they are especially suitable for those who travel frequently or need a practical and easy to carry accessory. Terry cotton beach towels, especially those with higher weight (380/480 g/sqm) are particularly suitable for the beach or pool for their excellent absorbency. In addition, they ensure softness and a pleasant feeling on the skin and are resistant to washing and frequent use;
  • the size of the beach towel is another crucial element to consider. If your goal is to lie in the sun and relax, a large beach towel will be the best choice because it will give you ample space to lie down comfortably. On the contrary, if you plan to use the towel mainly for drying, a small model might be more practical and convenient to take with you on the go or in the pool bag;
  • the softness of the towel contributes significantly to the comfort of use. If you're looking for a particularly soft cloth, opt for materials like cotton terry or microfiber. Both offer a feeling of incredible softness on the skin and are ideal for those who want a towel that is not only functional but also pleasant to the touch;
  • the durability of the beach towel, which is essential to ensure a good long-term investment. Fabrics such as microfiber and high quality cotton are known for their durability. In addition, it is important to also examine the seams, finishes and processing of the towel. Well-made seams and attention to detail in production can make the difference not only in terms of durability, but also in terms of aesthetic yield;
  • the towel design is another element that should not be overlooked. A towel with an elegant and modern design and bright colors can add a touch of style to your day at the beach. Choose a model that best reflects your personality and that matches your beach wear and other accessories.

Cool beach towels: the best proposals by Blumarine Home

Blumarine Home beach towels combine functionality with an elegant and refined design. They are made of 100% cotton and finished in every detail to ensure a high absorbency and maximum softness on the skin, resulting extremely comfortable and practical to dry quickly after a bath in the sea or pool. Depending on your needs and the type of use you can find both lighter cotton towels, with a weight of 300 g/ sqm, convenient to take with you on the go or in the beach bag, and beach towels with a higher grammage, 400 to 480 g/ sqm, particularly absorbent and resistant to various washings over time.

All Blumarine Home beach towels are designed to be not only functional, but also real cool accessories, able to add a touch of class to your beach days. The variety of colors and patterns available will allow you to find the towel that best suits your personal style, perfect to match with other beach accessories. Among the best models proposed by Blumarine Home you can find:

  1. Caraibi beach towel, which perfectly combines style and functionality, ideal for both days at sea and for moments of relaxation in the pool. This beach towel stands out for its elegant and refined design, featuring a chiseled wave pattern and jacquard Blumarine logo. The solid colors (linen, white or raspberry) make it versatile but at the same time sophisticated, suitable for any personal style. The curly terry fabric is made with 100% highly absorbent cotton with carded yarn. The use of high quality cotton also ensures an unmistakable softness to the touch and allows you to quickly dry the water from the skin, making it perfect for drying after a refreshing bath. With a weight of 400 g/m2, the Caribbean fabric is durable and can withstand many uses and washings without losing its qualities.
  2. Isola beach towel, the perfect accessory for your trips to the sea. It is characterized by elegant multi-horizontal stripes dyed in lurex wire, which give a touch of sophistication and modernity to the fabric. The embroidered Blumarine logo adds an additional decorative element, making this cloth truly unique. The size of 100x180 cm offers a large area on which to lie comfortably on the beach, but also by the pool or on the sun lounger. This measure is perfect for maximum comfort and convenience, whether you want to dry after a refreshing bath, or want to lie in the sun in total relaxation. The fabric is made of 100% highly absorbent cotton with a grammage of 300 g/m2, which ensures excellent absorption capacity and quick drying. The cloth is lightweight and easy to fold, so extremely practical, ideal to take with you in your suitcase or in your beach bag.
  3. Puerto Rico beach towel, a perfect synthesis of elegance and functionality, designed to accompany you throughout the summer. This beach towel is characterized by a refined and modern design, with double horizontal stripes dyed in thread that add a touch of timeless style. The embroidered Blumarine logo underlines the quality and exclusivity of the product, making it immediately recognizable. The Puerto Rico towel fabric is made of 100% cotton (300 g/m2), which guarantees a high absorbency and a feeling of pleasant softness to the touch. The smooth front of the cloth is ideal for lying down, while the back in micro-curly sponge ensures excellent drying capacity, making it practical and versatile for different needs. The lightness of the fabric, combined with its ability to dry quickly, makes it particularly suitable for those who love to travel without having to give up comfort and practicality.
  4. Liguria beach towel, a trendy accessory for your days at sea. The towel stands out for its sophisticated design and the superior quality of the materials used. Made in solid color terry, it is enriched by a white border on all four sides and the embroidered Blumarine logo, which completes the design adding a touch of class and refinement. The fabric in 100% highly absorbent cotton 380 g/ sqm ensures excellent absorption capacity and a high softness on the skin. A distinctive aspect of the Liguria cloth is the use of indanthrene dyes, resistant to light, weathering and washing with chlorine and bleach, ensuring that the towel keeps its vibrant colors and its beauty over time. This feature is particularly important for those who want a towel that is not only functional, but also retains its original aesthetic appearance season after season. The Liguria towel is available in different colors: turquoise, coral, cedar and blue.
  5. Yacht Club beach towel, ideal to take with you for a boat holiday, but also to the sea or pool. Available in a wide range of colors, it stands out for its elegant aesthetics, the use of high-quality materials and the high grammage (480 g/sqm). Made of solid color terry, it is enriched by a double contrasting cordonette and the embroidered Blumarine logo, which add a touch of class and personality. The quality of the 100% cotton fabric guarantees a long life, ensuring that the cloth retains its original characteristics even after numerous uses and washings. Bright and refined colors, such as turquoise, cedar, coral, arctic gray and blue, offer a variety of options to allow you to match the towel to your personal style and other beach accessories.

Do you need more advice for choosing the perfect beach towel for the summer or you want more information on the products available? Contact us!