Coordinated linens for bedroom, bathroom, table and accessories for the home

Collections of sophisticated, luxurious and creative bed linens at the same time, where the details are the protagonists.

The coordinated range between double bed quilts, made of satin, cotton and with jacquard patterns, the bedspreads with ruffles, smooth, printed and quilted, the  duvet cover sets, double bed sheets with ruffles, printed, satin and applied with precious lace, pillows embellished with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals.

Coordinated sets for the bathroom include terry-cloth set with decorations in Swarovski crystals, organza decorations, bath towels with applied embroidery, 5 piece terry-cloth set with rhinestones, bathrobes with macramé lace, embroidery and Swarovski applications and bathroom rugs.

From now available to purchase the Blumarine Baby collection

Collections of linen for the small bed, the crib, baby bath and accessories for children and infants.

Coordinated sets for children and infants, ranging from bed linen to crib linen and include sheet sets, duvet cover sets, bed covers and bumpers. The accessories for children complete the collections with pillows, bibs and covers.

Also available the terry-cloth line completely dedicated to children and infants, composed of towel, bathrobes, triangles, poncho, 2-piece set and clinical towels.